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Here are some links to meditative music... (minimize to eliminate visuals)

Indian flute music
Native american flute music
Medieval chant
Jewish prayer (cello)

Here are some thoughts to help you be calm and present.......

Thich Nhat Hahn:
"The Base of Social Change"

Mark Whitwell:
 "Yoga of the Heart"


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bhyimageYour Yoga Moment

Take a moment:
breath in...opening
breath out...softening

Welcome to your Yoga moment. Whatever you were doing is past. Whatever you will be doing is future
This moment is present.

First...take a full conscious breath, following your in breath with your awareness and following your out breath with your awareness.

Now...breathing in, reach your arms overhead, allowing energy to flow into you.

, breathing out, bring your hands in prayer position to your heart, releasing whatever you need to release.

Finally, push away from the computer, so you can fold forward at your waist, ribs close to thighs and just hang, head heavy, letting go.