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Teacher /Professional Development
Training Program


Beecher Hill Yoga is now accepting applicants for our 2016  
Teaching Yoga as a Mind-body Practice.

This program offers a unique combination of group instruction, individualized apprenticeship and supervised practicum emphasizing the integration of body, mind, energy and awareness.

The program is perfect for mental health practitioners, educators and other professionals who would like to add Yoga to their 'toolbox.'

Two options to meet your individual needs:

1.      Full Certification Track: A student completing all components of the course will earn certification as a Yoga Alliance approved Registered Yoga Teacher (200 hr level).


2.      Personal/Professional Development Track: You may take one or more modules for your own personal or professional development.



MODULE 1   Guided Yoga practice. (45 hours)
- (45 one-hour classes of Beecher Hill Yoga regularly scheduled classes
taught by lead instructor, Laura Wisniewski)
Scheduling: To be completed at your own pace. ·        

MODULE 2   6 In- depth weekend workshops (96 hrs)
Scheduling: July 2016 through January 2017 (excluding December).  All in-depth workshops meet on the 3rd weekend of the month unless otherwise indicated:

Click here for workshop details.

1.      July 16-17, 2016
Yoga: A Deeper Look:
  Yoga history, philosophy, structure and meaning .

2.      August 20-21, 2016
Yoga & the Body-Mind
: Western and Yogic anatomy and physiology.

 3.      September 17-18, 2016
Yoga Postures Workshop I:
Learn the technique, meaning, applications & benefits of Yoga postures, awareness  and breathing techniques.

 4.      October 15-16, 2016
Yoga Postures Workshop II:
A deeper exploration of Yoga practice  including the role of the chakras and the principles of union and balance.

5.      November 19-20, 2016
Teaching Yoga I :
An introduction to /review of the basics of  teaching Yoga including how to guide an individual or class, how to design a practice, guidelines for being an authentic teacher.

6.      January 21-22, 2017
Teaching Yoga II
: Teaching with confidence, the power of language, hands-on adjustments, modifications, trauma-sensitive Yoga, addressing the whole student.     

MODULE 3   Apprenticeship/ Independent Study (40 hrs)
Informal one-one or small group meetings with lead teacher, Laura to explore your questions.
Scheduling: ad hoc
1.      10 hours of instruction to discuss questions related to the practice of Yoga. 2.      10 hours of instruction to discuss questions related to Teaching Yoga
3.      15 hours of independent study individualized for each student.
4.      5 Yoga classes taught by non-BHY teachers.   ·        

MODULE 4   Practicum (20 hrs)
The capstone of our training program is, of course, practice teaching.
1.      Practice teaching with other students in the program Scheduling: to be arranged by students
 2.      Teach 7 classes (with supervision and supportive critique by lead teacher, Laura) Scheduling: to be scheduled with your instructor
3.      Guided self-evaluation and  goal setting
Scheduling: by arrangement.    

- Full Certification Program: $2400
- In depth Weekend Workshops: $230/weekend or $1200/ all 6 weekends
- Apprenticeship: fee to be arranged
- Practicum: fee to be arranged