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Beecher Hill Yoga, Body Work, Health Coaching, Professional Training -- Hinesburg, Vermont.

Individual Yoga Instruction

Yoga instruction at your pace, your level and your convenience. Lots of individual attention, feedback and guidance. Private instruction is an ideal way to support a home practice or complement Yoga class. This is also a great way to begin a fitness program.
                                                 cost...................$95/hour  (sliding scale available)

Integrative Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy addresses a wide spectrum of problems from fibromyalgia to depression. This form of Yoga therapy focuses on the major energy centers of the body-mind. Yoga therapy incorporates Yoga postures & breathing techniques, gentle touch & physical support and guided awareness. The holistic basis of this Yoga therapy can reveal the connections among several symptoms or conditions and help address the fundamental imbalances that contribute to them. In addition to experiencing specific therapeutic benefits, you will leave the hour-long session deeply relaxed and refreshed.
                                                  cost...............$95/hour  (sliding scale available) *Primary healthcare provider's ok is strongly recommended